Derek Dockendorf- Director

Derek is an adventurous filmmaker with a keen eye and an unbridled passion for cinema. His family tree reaches back over five generations in the Monterey Bay and has spent his life on all points of the California map. After living in Los Angeles to start his college and film career he ventured to CSUMB and settled in Santa Cruz with his wife Lauren. His love of the area and personal experience has established a strong connection with this project.  With a background in documentary and creative corporate work, Derek is anticipating bringing all his creative tools together  for his feature directorial debut.




Taylour Matz – Writer and Producer

Since she was a young girl, Taylour has been writing in many different fashions; feature films, short films, short stories and poetry.  Between Sea and Valley will be the first film she has both written and produced.  Taylour began research for this project back in 2011, which included careful study of Joseph Campbell’s The Power of Myth as well as revisiting many of her favorite Steinbeck novels such as East of Eden and To a God Unknown, which inspired her to write this film.


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